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Why Gastro

The Gastro Liver Hospital – Gastroenterology Super Specialty Hospital , centrally located in Kanpur city.



At The Gastro Liver Hospital, we believe “Patient comes First”.

Finally its our team of dedicated doctors, paramedical staff and technicians. Our floor
workers and managers who contribute to get credit for our excellent services day and
night, year after year.

We have a team of dedicated, highly qualified & well experienced doctors utilizing state-of-the-art technology, backed up by courteous administrative staff to provide complete patient satisfaction.

We do upper GI endoscopies,, Lower GI endoscopies,ERCP’s Ultrasound, Fibroscan,X-rays and many other tests including Hematology and Pathology tests to reach to diagnosis and plan management accordingly. All diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures are done in our hospital. Details are available in procedure.
We also organize free Camps for diagnosing Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C regularly Camps for health check up and ultrasound screening for GB Calculi and Cholecystitis and other malignant and non malignant diseases of Gallbladder and Pancreatico biliary ailments . If treated timely and adequately hepatitis B and C can be cured now.

We assure that along with your best treatment, you shall have a pleasant experience at The GastroLiver.


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