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<h2><a title=”Services” href=”../services/”>Diagnostic Service</a></h2>All the instruments in GI Physiology Lab, Radiology Lab, Pathology Lab, are interfaced to prevent any manual error. So, the laboratory provides quality reporting with minimal turnaround time.
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<h2><a title=”Services” href=”../services/”>OPD</a></h2>GastroLiver have eminent doctors team for OPD (out Patient Department) which includes gastroenterologist, Gastro surgeon, urologist, gynaecologist, critical care experts. The OPD is supported by Procedure Rooms along with outpatient services
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<h2><a title=”Services” href=”../services/”>Pharmacy</a></h2>GastroLiver provide best trusted drugs with high quality standards. We are committed to maintain to the highest quality of standards for pharmacy management.
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<h2><a title=”Services” href=”../services/”>Emergency Departments</a></h2>The Department of Emergency Services is planned to treat all kind of medical and surgical emergencies with most advanced state-of-the-art equipment. Consultants back the emergency care from all the specialties available round the clock.
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Diagnostic Services
<ul>  <li>Upper GI Endoscopy Lower GI Endoscopy or Colonoscopy</li>  <li>Sigmoidoscopy</li>  <li>Full length colonoscopy</li>  <li>Ileoscopy</li>  <li>Diagnostic ERCP</li>  <li>Liver Biopsy</li>  <li>Enteroscopy</li></ul>
Therapeutic Services
Therapeutic Colonoscopy
Upper GI Procedures
Our Medical Services
<ul>  <li>OPD</li>  <li>IPD</li>  <li>Emergency</li>  <li> Diagnostic</li>  <li>Health Checkups</li>  <li>Supportive Services</li>  <li>Therapeutic Colonoscopy</li>  <li>Upper GI Therapeutic Endoscopy</li>  <li>Upper GI Endoscopy Lower GI Endoscopy or Colonoscopy</li></ul>
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