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About Us

Vision and Mission

THE GASTRO LIVER HOSPITAL was started in May 2005 as a Gastroenterology
Superspeciality Hospital. We have been providing services of gastro medicine, gastro surgery and endoscopic procedures from the very beginning.
Our aim is to provide world class services to citizens of Kanpur and nearby districts at affordable cost. To achieve our goal we have planned a fully air-conditioned hospital with round the clock generator backup. We also see to it that our patients and their attendants get RO Purified water and healthy meals hygienically prepared at our canteen.



Our staff is specially trained to attend to needs of our patients and re orientation programs are arranged from regularly to time to keep our care providers upto date.

THE GASTRO LIVER to provide a high standard
At The Gastro Liver Hospital we have organized and planned our Services to be able to treat all kind of medical and surgical emergencies with most advanced state-of-the-art equipments..
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